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How to Get the Maximum Number of High Bids When
Selling Your Phoenix-area Specialty Home...
(An Interview with Christian Ullman, Internet Marketing Specialist
and Personal Web Developer for Real Estate Agents Nationwide,
by David Haase, REALTOR®, HomeSmart)

David Haase (DH): Chris, you're an Internet marketing specialist, and you
work with real estate agents all around the country, myself included... so I'll
start off with this question - how important is the Internet when it comes to
trying to sell your home for top-dollar value, in today's marketplace?

Christian Ullman (CU): It's absolutely essential. About 90% of today's
home purchases begin with a search for homes on the Internet. The
Internet has changed the way people shop for houses.

DH: And how does that affect a home seller?

CU: It affects them drastically - especially if they don't list their home with
a real estate agent who can get their home seen by a high number of
high-probability home buyers on the Internet.

DH: How so?

CU: The more exposure a home gets on the Internet, the more top-dollar
bids the owner of that home will receive. If you work with a real estate agent
who can highlight your home on a highly trafficked Web site which specializes
in the exact type of property the owner of the home is trying to sell - a site that
is visited by home buyers from all over the world - you will receive more offers,
and more high-dollar offers, on your home. It's simple math here.

DH: You're my personal Web developer and Internet marketing specialist,
Chris... so... if someone lists their Phoenix-area home with me, will their home
get seen by more people around the world, than would be the case if they
worked with an "Average Joe" real estate agent - and if so, how
does that work? You know more about this than I do...

CU: I'll try and keep this specialize in getting worldwide Internet
exposure for a wide variety of "niche market" homes, and the powerful
network of Phoenix-area websites that I designed and continue to
manage for you, are getting more and more traffic from all over the world,
as time goes by. The people who come to those sites are looking for specific
types of "niche" properties in the Greater Phoenix area. So if a potential listing
client of yours, who owns any one of the following types of homes -  single-story
homes, swimming pool homes, waterfront homes, gated community homes,
RV parking/RV garage homes, casitas homes (homes with guest houses),
horse property, or workshop homes - and they are thinking of
selling that property - you are the perfect agent to contact.

DH: And how is that different from the "Average Joe" real estate agent out
there in Anytown, USA, in terms of Web sites and the Internet and selling homes?

CU: The average real estate agent doesn't get their clients' houses seen
by that many Internet home buyers...let alone buyers in the right market, like,
in your case, all of the niche areas I just mentioned. The average real estate
agent has one Web page, which is found deep within the guts of his
corporate Web site. On that page is a link to that agent's personal home
listings. And very few people ever see those listings - unless they stumble
upon them by an act of God... the only way the average real estate agent's
houses get seen on the Internet, is if a home buyer does a property search
at his corporate Web site - or at the local MLS Web site - in the exact price
range in which those houses are listed, and in the exact
location of the city where those houses are listed.

DH: I'm starting to see what you mean here... but can you firm
this up a bit for our site visitors, be a little more specific?

CU: Sure, let's go at this another way. We'll call our prospective
Phoenix-area home seller Mr. Smith... if Mr. Smith works with an "Average Joe"
real estate agent, Mr. Smith's house is going to be placed in the local MLS
database on the Internet, for starters - that's standard procedure.

And Mr. Smith's house is going to be placed in that real
estate corporation's database of houses, on that corporation's Web site.
That's standard procedure, too - David, you do the exact same things for your
clients, when they list their houses with you. All real estate agents do those
two things for their clients these days. But that's not enough - because
Mr. Smith's home is going to be BURIED in the middle of all of those
thousands of other houses listed for sale on that MLS Web site. And it's going
to be BURIED in the middle of all of those thousands of other houses listed
on that big-name real estate corporation's Web site. It won't be highlighted on
those two Web sites, on a stand-alone Web page of its own, on a highly
trafficked "niche market" Web site (like yours) - a stand-alone Web page
that gets a lot of traffic... it won't be seen by hundreds of people every day
who are exclusively looking to buy a home of the specific type that Mr. Smith
is selling, in Mr. Smith's exact area. It will be relegated to the generic pile
of houses in both of those databases, in which case, if someone happens
to see Mr. Smith's home on the Internet, it will be more like winning the lottery for
Mr. Smith. Or more like an act of God, which was the analogy I used earlier.

DH: And why is that?

CU: Because the Average Joe real estate agent who designed his personal
home listings page - or the person the real estate agent hired to design it -
doesn't know how to drive home buyers from around the world to the Web page
where his clients' houses are listed for sale... the Average Joe real estate agent is
at the mercy of his corporate Web site, and he is at the mercy of the MLS web site...
fortunately - for you, and for your listing clients - that's my specialty: Internet marketing
as it pertains to home sales in specific niche areas - like  single-story homes,
swimming pool homes, waterfront homes, gated community homes,
RV parking/RV garage homes, casitas homes, homes with guest houses,
horse property, or workshop homes for sale in the Greater Phoenix AZ area...
getting my real estate clients' listings seen by the right type of Internet
home buyers all over the world... I've placed ads for you in real estate guides,
city living directories, and other Internet venues, all over the Web. And as you
know, our Web sites do really well in the world's search engines, too...

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Casitas/Guest House Homes - Gated Community Homes - Horse Property - Single-Story Homes
Homes w/RV Parking - Homes w/Swimming Pools - Patio Homes - Homes w/Tennis Courts
DH: Yes, I'm aware of that - and anyone who is reading this right now probably
came to this site from one of those Internet venues you just mentioned...

CU: Exactly! And that's the difference. If someone lists their home with you, David,
their home will be seen by way more prospective buyers than would be the case
if they listed their home with someone who has their face on a bus bench. (Laughter.)
Nothing against real estate agents who have their faces on bus benches, mind you,
but you see my point here. Knowledge protects, ignorance endangers.

DH: Boy, isn't that the truth. What about worldwide real estate investors, Chris...
how does your Internet marketing work pull real estate investors into the
home buyer pool, into this equation, for my listing clients?

CU: Real estate investors buy roughly one-third of all the houses sold in the USA
these days. The smartest investors use the Internet, and a good buyer's agent,
to purchase those investment properties for them. Oftentimes these investors
never even visit the actual properties that they purchase.

DH: I know that's doubt about it.

CU: You're right - more and more often I'm talking to real estate agents who
tell me that investors contact them, and tell them to find them a good
investment property to buy - and the investors never even look at the property...
well... here we go again... how did those investors find those agents? How did
they find you, David? On the Internet. My Internet marketing work makes you
visible on the Internet. But back to your question... if Mr. Smith utilizes your
services to sell his home, David, Mr. Smith is going to tap into the worldwide
investor market in a big way. Because one-third of the people who see your
clients' houses on a daily basis, on the Internet, David, are investors. And as you
know, the homes that are featured on your Web site, are currently being seen
by people all over the world - right now. And investors and home buyers from
China, Europe, Australia, Canada - from every continent and country in the
world - come to the Web sites I manage for you, and they look at all the
specialty homes that are featured for sale. And this means your clients
are likely to get way more top-dollar offers on their houses, than they would
get if they worked with a "typical", Internet-brain-dead real estate agent.
The Phoenix homes featured on your vast network of real estate sites,
get seen by more qualified buyers, all over the world, than at least 95%
of the other real estate agents working in the Phoenix area...

DH: So... it's become increasingly important for a home seller to work with
a real estate agent who is extremely visible on the Internet, and who
specializes in the exact type of property they are trying to sell, is that right?

CU: Absolutely... nowadays, when a prospective home seller goes to sell
their home, it's not just about the real estate agent - it's about that real estate
agent's Web presence. Most real estate agents use "Web site designers"
who create really pretty, dreadfully ineffective "Web sites". Nice pictures
on the home page, tons of graphics. But those sites take forever to load.
And that's because those Web site designers don't have a clue about how
to design a Web page that loads fast. And the longer a Web page takes to load,
the more likely it is that the site visitor will leave. And on top of being slow-loading,
those sites never get seen, because most real estate agents have a personal
"Web site" that gets very little traffic. Just as is the case with our Average Joe
real estate agent we talked about earlier. So it's all about the real estate agent
in question, and how many Web presences they have online, and how much
traffic those Web presences generate from the Internet, and how many
high-probability home buyers those Web presences
drive to the houses that agent has listed for sale.

DH: Well, that certainly gives the people reading this
page something to think about. Thanks for sharing that.

CU: No problem... I could talk about this stuff all day long, as you know.
Web development is pretty much all I do, besides sleeping and eating.

DH: I'm the same way with real estate, Chris, so I can relate... I focus 110% of my
efforts on the real estate side of my business, taking care of my customers...
so I'm not well-versed on the Internet side of this thing,
which is why I asked you for this interview...

CU: I'm glad to do it - it's all about education. Opening people's eyes to the truth.

DH: What would you say to the people out there in the Phoenix area who are
thinking about selling their homes in the Phoenix area right now, Chris?
You have lots of clients all over North America... would you recommend
they talk to me about listing their specialty home for sale on the Internet,
and getting their property seen all over the world,
and helping them sell it for top dollar value?

CU: Absolutely. The powerful network of "niche" sites I designed for you, David,
and continue to manage and upgrade on your behalf, pull in a tremendous
amount of worldwide traffic from people who are looking to specifically purchase
homes of specific TYPES in the Greater Phoenix area. They pull in so much
traffic now, that you can give them much more instant, worldwide, online exposure
to the RIGHT type of buyer, than they are likely to get if they list their home with any
other agent in the Phoenix area. If someone in the Phoenix area is contemplating
selling their single-story home, swimming pool home, waterfront home,
gated community home, RV parking home, RV garage home, casitas home
(guest house home), equestrian home, horse property, or workshop home,
your network of highly visible "niche" websites is definitely the best place to sell it,
in my humble-but-informed opinion. So now I'll reverse this
situation and ask you a question, David...

DH: Okay.

CU: How can a person get a free home listing consultation with you,
in order to find out more about having you sell their home...

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***Call David Haase today at  602-793-6548 for a free listing consultation. I can usually have your
Phoenix-area home featured on my powerful network of "niche market" websites in 24 hours.
DH: They can call me right now at 602-793-6548.

CU: Sounds simple enough.

 DH: Yep - it's very simple. And unlike most real
estate agents, I usually answer my phone during
business hours. Thank you for the interview, Chris.

CU: It's been a pleasure, David... thank you.

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