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Single Story Homes for Sale in Chandler Arizona, Chandler Arizona Single Story Homes for Sale Strip 2The typical interaction between the buyer of a brand-new home, and the seller's
representative for the new home community, works like this - the buyer walks into the sales office,
and is greeted by the seller's representative. This smiling, typically very likeable person is usually
called a New Homes Consultant. And this consultant makes every effort to convey to the buyer,
that they are there to protect the buyer's interests.

But the reality of the situation, in most cases, is that they are their to protect the interests of the builder.

And the job of that New Homes Consultant, quite typically, is to maximize the
profits for the builder, while maximizing their own commissions in the process.

In many cases, there will be an existing price range available on the property in question.
And there will often be additional, hidden incentives, and bonus money, that can be utilized for various
things. Upgrades can be obtained for next to nothing in some cases (seemingly, anyway); the overall
price of the property might be lowered based on the "range" in the ultimate sales prices which are
dictated by the builder - and the builder might even contribute to the closing costs on the sale. So there
is a lot of leeway there, typically, in terms of the money available, and there is a pool of incentives that
can be utilized if the buyer (or the buyer's representative) knows how to ask the right questions.

In most cases, the home builder actually gives the New Homes Consultant a percentage
of the money, upgrades, perks and incentives that are NOT utilized by the buyer.

So that consultant has monetary incentive to hide these various perks from the buyer.
And that consultant might not want to help the buyer as much as they have led the buyer to believe.
Because the consultant is going to get bonus money on all the money
and incentives that they DON'T give to the buyer.

In many cases, the terms of the financing are going to remain hidden from the buyer
until the very end of the process. And in most cases, those terms will not be the most favorable
terms available. Because home builders will encourage the buyer to use the builder's financing
company ONLY, and they often do this by telling the buyer that they are going to "give them"
certain incentives and bonuses, if the buyer uses the builder's financing company. They might
also tell the buyer they are going to pay part of the closing costs - but again,
only if the buyer uses the builder's financing company.

In many cases, those financing companies are going to charge fees and interest rates
that are going to be higher than what the financing costs would be if the individual utilized the
services of an experienced real estate agent, who has a wealth of different lenders at their disposal.
And in many cases, the prospective new home buyer - who is standing right there in front of this
grinning New Homes Consultant, while possessing absolutely zero professional representation in
his or her corner - is going to get pressured into signing the contract,
right then and there, in order to get the "deal".

The problem is, it's usually not going to be a "deal" at all. (Not for the home buyer, anyway.)

Securing the services of an experienced buyer's representative, whenever you are
attempting to buy a new home, is one of the smartest decisions you can possibly make.

If you are not an expert real estate agent by trade - always use a professional,
when buying a new home (or any other type of property).

Contrary to popular opinion, it does NOT cost you extra money to use the services of
a real estate agent when buying a new home. Many home builders will try to get you to believe
that you will save money by not utilizing the services of a real estate professional to look out for
your interests - but in reality, and in the vast majority of situations, it will actually cost you more
money by going it alone in the long run, if you strictly place yourself in the hands of the builder
and their New Home Consultants. (For the reasons outlined above.)

In virtually every case, it's actually going to cost the buyer a lot more money, by NOT having
somebody there to help them, who really knows the game. And there is no extra charge, no extra
commissions paid - none of that - if the buyer utilizes the services of someone who
is a qualified expert in the real estate field of their choosing.

Another common mistake people make, is using the services of a recently licensed
real estate agent - someone who is a family member of a friend - when negotiating the terms
of the purchase of a new home. And once again, having a wealth of
knowledge is the key here.

A rookie agent, or an agent who doesn't specialize in dealing with the purchase of new
homes, is going to leave a lot of money on the table (due to ignorance). They're not going to know
about the subtle things, and they're going to be pressured into accepting a lot of terms that aren't
favorable to the home buyer. The builder will often tell them, for example, "You have to use our
mortgage company, or we won't allow you to have certain incentives." A true professional real
estate agent will immediately talk about using an outside lender. The mortgage company
supplied by the builder or the seller will usually NOT offer the best possible financing terms.
(And many times the builder owns part of the mortgage company;
many builders actually have their own mortgage companies.)

As the buyer of a new home, you want the financing utilized for the purchase of that
new home to give you the best possible terms. And you won't get that, in
many cases, using a builder's mortgage company.

There are many ways on the back end and the front end of a financing package that a builder can
load up a contract, stack the deck in their favor, and put extra costs on it - and most buyers
will not even be aware of it because they didn't know about the way the game is played.

A professional, experienced REALTOR® is going to be there for you every step of the way -
not just to make sure that the price you pay for the home is fair, but to be involved in the exact
financing terms as well, in order to protect you - the buyer - and make sure that you are getting
every available incentive, as well as the lowest financing terms possible. I've lived in the Valley
area for over 12 years, and I can help you negotiate the best possible terms on your new
home purchase - not to mention saving you 1% or more on the total purchase price...

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